Why Documentaries offers professional placements for University Students in 3rd and 4th year and we follow University guidelines. We have accepted interns from Sydney University, University of Wollongong and University of NSW.

We also allow Year 10 work experience and Year 12 work experience and TAFE students looking to do internships.

Internships are a great way to see if you want to steer your career towards film making and see a real working video production house in action. We believe in fair and equitable exchange in internships. We will train and answer as many questions as possible and align your internship with your area of interest as much as possible.

Mostly, interns work on unpaid or community work for a win win situation. We don't believe in using interns for paid positions or commercial work.

We suggest that internships last 5 days as a maximum. We suggest doing work experience across many fields and that you use your internship to figure out exactly what you don't want to do in your career.

If we like you and you like us, then anything after that should be paid work according to Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance guidelines.

You can contact us info@whydocumentaries.com.au