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From Foes to Friends

From Foes To Friends

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From Foes to Friends explores the friendship that has emerged between Australia and Turkey following World War I and in particular the campaign at Gallipoli, Turkey.This film draws on two sides of the Gallipoli story. Come on a unique journey to learn about the lasting link between Turkey and Australia which plays out in the daily life of Auburn City residents.From 1915 explores local and global historical accounts, family stories and diverse perspectives emerging from both sides of the conflict at Gallipoli and experiences of people in Turkey during 1915. This part of the film also sets the foundation of how former foes grew a lasting friendship which became central to commemoration activities in Australia and Turkey.From 1968 shares the stories of some of the first Turkish migrants to arrive in Australia, and in particular looks at their settlement experiences, milestones and contributions to the community in Auburn.From 2015 documents commemoration activities undertaken in Auburn City in 2015 which focused on the 100 year anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli, Anzac Day and the proclamation by the Australian Government of the ‘Year of Turkey in Australia’. Centenary commemoration activities in Auburn provided all communities with distinctively local and community driven opportunities for remembrance and an opportunity to explore common experiences related to war and peace.


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