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Why Documentaries began in 2000 assisting in a documentary celebrating the great work of John Macumba who had begun the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association twenty years prior. From here a keen interest in community stories grew.

Why Documentaries understands the effectiveness of media to lead to change and we he aim to work on projects that make a real and positive difference. We believe we do this by utilising media across platforms to tell stories which raise empathy between all groups.

We strive to tell community stories of importance by collecting local stories ensuring we capture them before it’s too late, showing both sides of the story as well as we can, by striving to do work of national importance, by not being scared of a challenge and by always asking why. The quintessential question in documentary being why.

Although we can produce any digital media areas we do specialise in the following: Cultural Heritage and History, Mental Health Awareness, Cross Cultural Work, Education and Environment projects. Check out our website to see what else we offer.

Why Documentaries have produced projects about HACC services, fire safety, dementia, the National Respite for Carers program, on mental illness, to promote council, create awareness campaigns, training videos, promotional DVDs to name just a few.

Media is so important to reach niche or disadvantaged communities. We have experience working with all sectors of the community and we have produced high quality DVD resources for the elderly, Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) audiences in language (including Turkish, Macedonian, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Cambodian, Assyrian, Vietnamese), young people and marginalised groups as well as corporate or large organisations.

Why Documentaries is currently a prequalified tenderer for the NSW Government.


Founder & Partner/Why Documentaries
Multiplatform Producer/Director
BA Communications BSc Hons Psychology ADV DIP Screen & Media

Sandra began her career as a journalist by completing a Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Media Production at Charles Sturt University. Her lifelong passion is documentary as the aim of documentary is to ‘tell it as it is’. She then went on to study Psychology "to help with documentary film making" and completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours). "This was invaluable in my training as a documentary film maker to help in understanding motives, personality and of course, interviewing skills".

In 2012 Sandra was awarded a Mentorship with one of Australia’s leading female filmmakers Susan Lambert through a pilot program initiated by Screen NSW and NSW Trade & Investment aimed at sustainable regional screen industries. She was chosen from the Illawarra region. "This program helped me meet the right people at the right time. Having a female mentor in such a precarious industry has really assisted me to consider the opportunities for my local regional business, and help me to fine tune my documentary skills which is invaluable in all storytelling."

In 2010, Sandra received an international credit as producer/director for the documentary film "Beneath Black Skies" about the Illawarra’s coal mining industry showing on prime time national television on History Channel in Australia and New Zealand. The film is now represented by Ronin Films and by an international distributor. Obtaining a credit is an important milestone for a documentary film maker as it allows access to a number of intiatives and funding opportunities with Screen NSW and Screen Australia, ABC and SBS.

Also in 2010 Sandra was awarded a scholarship to Australia’s first ever Multiplatform Producer's Course which ran for the year and included tutoring by Australia’s social media experts and multiplatform producers such as Gary Hayes, Laurel Papworth and Marcus Guillezeau. "This course enabled me to offer my clients project solutions that haven’t even been invented yet! This is the way of the future, projects that will run across platforms such as iphone apps, online and TV, that will make a difference and involve the audience at every turn…"

"Knowing our true stories fulfill a basic human need – to know about ourselves and our surroundings in order to feel connected. This will need to happen through whatever platform we access."

It is my belief that the production of local stories helps us to understand who we are as a community and about each other and leads to a more harmonious society. "There are so many stories to collect and so little time!"

Sandra is currently a member of the Cultural Reference Group advising Wollongong City Council.


Partner/Why Documentaries
Camera Operator/DOP/Editor

Javier is a highly experienced broadcast camera operator who has filmed 100s of hours of footage. He has freelanced on a number of projects including TVCs, documentaries, corporate videos, online video, live webstreaming, international live telecasts, promotional videos, and as a news camera operator. His credits include as Director of Photography, Camera Operator & Editor. Proficient also as a broadcast editor using AVID/Final Cut Pro.


Multiplatform Producer - Environment

Emma Carroll is especially passionate about projects promoting personal and ecological health, exploring the wonders of the natural world and creating comedic content for kids. Her particular positive upbeat and intimate visual style have proven popular online.

One of only a handful of qualified Multiplatform Producers in Australia, Emma is also experienced in short form productions, trailers, interstitials and webisodes.

Emma is creative director of the wee earthlings channel, campaign filmmaker for the Total Environment Centre and was among the creators of ABC television's Giggle and Hoot.

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